The surrounding of Anakao

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Anakao is surrounded by marvellous places. Peter Pan Anakao, in collaboration with the neighborhoods fishermen, organizes daily excurtions for the guests to discover those paradises with simpathy and safety.

Right in front of the hotel, about two kilometers, there is the island Nosy Ve,  just in the middle of the bay. Moreover the island Nosy Satrana, situated more south, is surrounded by a sea of enchanting colors. A natural swimmingpool in the low tides invites to enjoyable snorkeling. Another excurtion that people appreciate is the estuary of the river Honilay where are easy to been seen lots of pink flamingos.

From June to October the humpack whales are in the Anakao water. A big show to see.

At 60 kilometres south from Anakao, close to Ambola village, there is the national park Tsimanampetsotse. At the Peter Pan Anakao reception  it is possible  to book a 4x4 for daily excursions, leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon.


Excursions to the coral islands 

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Estuary of Honily's river


Humpback whales watching



The national park Tsimanampetsotse