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Rhythm and culture

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Art and Culture are considered very important at Peter Pan Anakao; different spaces are availlable for that purpose, some are more convivials, some are more intellectuals and contemplatives. Right in front of the hotels, it stands a majestic tower made in stones, accessible night and day. On the first floor, a library provides various books in different languages, concerning many topics and even about the culture and the story of these lands. On the second floor is available a reading and writing room; the third floor, the rooftop, is a panoramic point, perfect to understand the morphology of the area and the heavenly panorama of the bay, with the island of Nosy Ve right in the middle. A chess table too is available inside the pub.

The soundproof rehearsals room, with good amplifications, microphones, mixer, drums and recording station; this allows guests to play in every moment, so the place is perfect for artists and bands to find inspiration and leave the place with a matrix for a new album.


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A soundproof and air-conditioned room equipped with quality amplifiers, microphones, mixing desk, drums and recorder.

To compose and find inspiration in the paradisiac setting of Anakao

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The hotel has several cultural spaces freely accessible.

Peter Pan Anakao's position allows guests to observe the peacefull fishermen life, that with archaic techniques give to the community the fish they need, perpetuating a lifestyle difficult to find somewhere else.