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Rhythm and culture

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Art and Culture are considered very important at Peter Pan Anakao; different spaces are availlable for that purpose, some are more convivials, some are more intellectuals and contemplatives. Right in front of the hotels, it stands a majestic tower made in stones. On the first floor, a library provides various books in different languages, concerning many topics and even about the culture and the story of these lands. On the second floor is available a reading and writing room; the third floor, the rooftop, is a panoramic point, perfect to understand the morphology of the area and the heavenly panorama of the bay, with the island of Nosy Ve right in the middle. A chess table too is available inside the pub.

The soundproof rehearsals room, with good amplifications, microphones, mixer, drums and recording station; this allows guests to play in every moment, so the place is perfect for artists and bands to find inspiration and leave the place with a matrix for a new album.




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