The Restaurant

A successful stay also implies to have in addition to the framework and the comfort, a good table.
At our restaurant, we like to propose Italian recipes, revisited with local products. Because of the catch of the day, we suggest a different menu every day. In addition to fish and seafood, among our specialties: goat cheese with hot rocks or pizza on wood fire.
Located in a remote area, we have developed over the years, by ourselves, the artisanal manufacture of bread, sauces and other ‘home-made’ jams.
Imagine after a sunbath and the heat stuck to your skin, the supreme happiness of enjoying a good Italian ice cream! Yes it is possible… At Peter Pan Anakao, we have something to satisfy you with various flavors to choose from.
The fruits of the season for the ice-cream maker, also allow us to concoct cocktails, various and varied, with or without alcohol, so that your vacations have the taste of paradise!