Our Excursions

In the surroundings of Anakao there are wonderful places. Peter Pan Anakao, together with village fishermen, organizes several excursions to let clients discover these great locations fully and safely.

Right in front of the hotel, about three kilometers away, there’s the island of Nosy Ve (which in Malagasy means “small island”). It is a protected park populated by rare birds, such as the red-tailed tropicbird characterized by the red long central caudal feather. These animals are sacred to locals and are easily visible throughout the island.
This daily trip can be combined with whale watching (from June to October) and snorkelling on the coral reef. Is possible to have lunch on the island thanks to our staff who will cook fresh fish directly on the beach


The island of Nosy Satrana is characterized by an emerald green sea and white sand. It’s located about twelve kilometers from the hotel and can be reached in just half an hour by boat.
When tide is low a strip of sand emerges and connect Nosy Satrana to Anakao, allowing the passage of the zebu searching for food. Thanks to the lowering of the sea level even a natural pool is created and make possible to swim in a real paradise.
This daily trip can be combined with the visit of the beautiful nearby mangroves. Is possible to have lunch on the island thanks to our staff who will cook fresh fish directly on the beach.


From June to October the sea of Anakao is populated from many humpback whales that give birth in the warm waters of Mozambique Channel. Peter Pan Anakao organizes, in collaboration with the fishermen of the village, tours by pirogue to closely admire these majestic animals swimming and jumping in the water.
The whale watching is done early in the morning and can be combined with a visit of the Island of Nosy Ve and snorkelling on the coral reef.


Peter Pan Anakao organizes tour of the village of Sainte Augustine, which is located in a bay once populated by pirates. This place is one hour far from the hotel, reaching by pirogue. It is famous throughout the region for the presence of freshwater.
The surroundings of the Onilahy River are really evocative because there are a lot of flamingos attracted to freshwater. There are also a lot of suggestive natural pools.


Peter Pan Anakao organizes jeep tours with a professional driver to Tsimanampetsotse National Park, sixty kilometers south of Anakao, near the village of Ambola. Inside the park there is a big lake that change colour depending on the sunlight: turquoise during the day and blue in the evening. A numerous flamingo colony lives around the lake. A 100 meters tall calcareous cliff bounds the east coast of the lake, it contains many caves and freshwater underground streams.
Within the park you can found different animals such as lemurs and turtles and many specimens of baobab.
This daily excursion can be combined with the visit of the beautiful village of Itampolo if you have two days.


Four hours drive from Anakao there is Itampolo, a remote coastal village not very touristic in the South of Madagascar. It is famous for its long beach full of white sand dunes and the blue sea. This place is really evocative and unique in the world.
Peter Pan Anakao organizes two-day jeep tours with a professional driver to Itampolo. The sandy track route is characterized by beautiful landscapes such as the lush spiny forest.
This excursion is usually combined with the visit of Tsimanampetsotse national park.