Hotel Peter Pan Anakao Gastronomy

Inventive cuisine based on fresh products

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The Hotel's Restaurant offers a various daily changing menu, because of  the different fresh products brought by fishermen, servimg interesting recipes mostly based on fresh sea food.

The cooking has a strong italian influence but local ingredients often give to the dishes a tropical touch. In the evening very nice pizzas come from the wooden oven directly to the tables.

The Hotel, far away from the city, produces indipendently hits products, like bread, jams, saucies, etc. Recepies are mainly based on seafood, but sometimes delicious surprises are proposed, like for example the hot rocks goat.

The bar offers a various cocktails list, alcoolics and not alcoolics, with seasons fruits. On the beach there is the gelateria that offers delicious italian ice creams with lots of flavours, perfect for the hottest hours of the day.


The restaurant



The bar