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  • Peter Pan Hotel - Anakao

  • Peter Pan hotel ~ Anakao

  • Peter Pan Hotel - Anakao

  • Peter Pan Hotel - Anakao

  • Peter Pan Hotel - Anakao

Peter Pan Anakao

Peter Pan Anakao is an hotel on the beach of Anakao on the edge of the Vezo’s fishermen village. This place has different kinds of bungalows, rooms, and a  restaurant.

It has an aesthetic ambition into decorations and unique buildings, crafted to be in a post-modern context, coherent with the sourrounding environment. This gives the guests the opportunity to interface with the reality of Vezo fishermen, enjoying comfort conditions not easy to have in such remote place as the deep south west of Madagascar.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere, the kindness of the staff, the amazing food and the uniqueness of the place will make you have a perfect stay.


Wednesday, 24 April 2019
Ciel dégagé toute la journée.
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Ciel Dégagé

Ciel Dégagé

25 °C

Pressure :1012.8

Humidity : 72 %

Visibility : 16.09 km

Wind : 5.94 km  (E 1/4 SE)

Ciel nuageux commençant dans la soirée et temps humide toute la journée.
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Temps humide et ciel nuageux toute la journée.
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