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Take me to Neverland

Peter Pan Anakao is an hotel on the beach of Anakao on the edge of the Vezo’s fishermen village. This place has a marked aesthetic ambition, with unique structures and a pirate’s tavern as a restaurant. The property has different kinds of bungalows, suites and a restaurant. There are also many common areas like a library in a tower on the beach and a rehearsal room to compose music. All this offers customers the opportunity to know the Vezo fishermen reality enjoying non-obvious comfort conditions in a remote place as the deep south west of Madagascar.
The kindness of the staff, the amazing food, the unique scenery and the character of the owners make Peter Pan Anakao much more than a hotel and will take you to Neverland dream, for an unforgettable stay.

Peter Pan Anakao offers different types of accommodation depending on your needs. Each space has a strong personality with attention to detail. A stone wall with Ghibelline battlements separates the hotel accommodations from the village and a fence made of colored pencil overlooking the sea gives a unique touch to the property.

Rooms located in our special seafront residence named “Pinne Gialle”, representing the best of Peter Pan Anakao. Brightly coloured and equipped with all comforts these accommodations reflect the character of the owners and will make you discover Anakao enjoying a unique design. Each room has large panoramic terrace from which you can look at the beach or the entire bay, depending on which floor you are.

Bungalow Superior
Bungalow Superior

These large wooden chalets have wide windows which give a beautiful view of the Anakao beach. There are also stone bungalows still by the sea. Each bungalow is equipped with all the amenities, such as private terrace and running hot water. Ideal for those who wants to stay close to the sea without sacrificing comfort.

Classic Bungalow
Classic Bungalow

Welcoming and comfortable, wooden or stone, these bungalows are located in the lush garden with a glimpse of the sea from the private terraces or panoramic mansards. Each room is spacious and equipped with private bathroom and running water.

The Restaurant

Inventive cusine based on fresh products
Music & Culture
Art and culture are very important at Peter Pan Anakao. Within the property there are different common spaces available to customers: some are convivial, in order to socialize and party, and some are more reserved to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this place.
Right in front of the sea there’s a majestic stone tower, open to clients during day and night. On the first floor of the tower there’s a library with a lot of books in different languages concerning many topics, such as romances or reportage regarding the Madagascar’s history. On the second floor a reading and writing room is available. Finally, at the top there’s a beautiful panoramic terrace which gives a charming view of the bay, in front of which there’s the Nosy Ve island.
A wooden chess board is always available at the restaurant for chess players.
In the garden, there’s also a soundproof rehearsal room, air-conditioned and equipped with quality amplification systems, microphones, a mixer, a recorder, drums, an electric guitar and a bass guitar. This space is dedicated to all musicians who want to make music in this remote and evocative place, which represents an inspiration for many artists.







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